Keynote Speakers


Prof. Dr. Hamparsum BOZDOĞAN

Prof. Dr. Hamparsum Bozdogan is the Toby McKenzie Distinguished Professor in Information Complexity and in Model Selection in the Department of Business Analytics and Statistics at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, U.S.A. He is the Topics Editor of Entropy, Associate Editor of the Journal of Statistical Computing and Simulation, and Editor of Journal of Pattern Recognition Research (JPRR), Behaviormetrika, a Springer journal. He is also the recipient of numerous prestigious awards including the Jefferson Faculty Prize Award of the University of Tennessee, named after President Thomas Jefferson; the Bank of America Faculty Leadership Medal Award of the Haslam College of Business; the Hoechst Roussel Teaching and Research Award; and Chancellor's Award for Research and Creative Achievement, to mention a few. He is a nationally and internationally recognized renowned expert in the area of information complexity and information-theoretic statistical modeling and model selection via Akaike’s Information Criterion (AIC). He has published over 70 scholarly research papers in leading journals, edited 6 books, produced over 20 Doctoral and 6 Post-Doctoral, over 50 Master students, and served on over 45 Doctoral Committees. His work has been cited over 6,000 times. His current research innovations are in developing intelligent hybrid models between any complex modeling problem, genetic algorithms (GA's) and his information complexity criterion as the fitness function in high dimensional data modeling.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet S. ÜNLÜTÜRK

After completing his undergraduate studies at the Electronics and Communications Engineering in Technical University of Istanbul, he completed his Master and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology, USA. He worked as a software project engineer in GE Healthcare for 11 years in Chicago, USA. After leaving GE Healthcare, he started his academic career as Assistant Professor Dr at Izmir University of Economics and continued his academic career as Associate Professor Dr and then, Professor Dr at Yaşar University. He had administrative tasks which are Head of Software Engineering and Vice Dean of Engineering Faculty in İzmir University of Economics. He is currently working as a full-time academician at Software Engineering Department at Yaşar University. Dr Ünlütürk has 5 USA patents in Software Engineering. He has interest on developing practical approaches using machine learning methodologies for textile industry, robotic software solutions for pharmaceutical companies, and software solutions for testing diesel fuel injectors.